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Tagged With: jam

Vanilice cookie from Serbia

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vanilice nieuw 8905 copy

vanilice cookie from Serbia

The pretty little vanilice cookie is one of the most popular cookies in Serbia. The crumbly sandwich cookie with a layer of jam in the middle is baked for all sorts of festive occasions. …

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Halfmanar cookie from Iceland

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Iceland halfmanar cookie

Hálfmánar cookie from Iceland

It is not difficult to find out what the word hálfmánar means in Icelandic when you see this cookie: it clearly has the shape of a half moon. This traditional hálfmánar cookie from Iceland …

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Finnish lusikkaleivat cookie

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resultaat lepelkoekjes 50 dip

Finsnish lusikkaleivat cookies

I am so glad that I blog about cookies and not about fish. After a few days in Finland I desperately need a fish break……. Fortunately the Finns also love their sweets. You can find  …

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