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Tagged With: honey

Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

These cookies are perfect to make last minute for Easter. I cut them into rectangles but you can easily choose any shape you would like. You can even use little moulds in the shape of an egg or a bunny! …

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Walnut and raisin baklava from Montenegro

The food of this small country on the Adriatic coast is a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Balkan traditions. Baklava is one of the most popular cookies and is traditionally eaten at Christmas. Baklava can be found everywhere in …

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Honey sesame cookie from Vatican City

Vatican City is officially a country and definitely deserves a cookie in my blog. The kitchen of this mini state is, of course, not very different from the rest of Italy and no special cookies are eaten – if you …

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Traditional Dutch pepernoot cookie

Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) has arrived from Spain with his steamer full of presents and sweets. All the traditional Sinterklaas treats have been on sale in bakeries and supermarkets for weeks. One of the old fashioned cookies …

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Barazek cookie from Jordan

The Barazek cookie is a tea time favorite in Jordan, but is also popular in the neighboring countries. Kitchens in this part of the world share many dishes and ingredients, and sesame, honey and nuts are used frequently in cookies …

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