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Tagged With: cinnamon

Piparkuka cookie from Latvia

Deliciously spicy gingerbread can be found in many northern European countries. The story goes that an Armenian monk, Gregory Makar from Nicopolis Pompeii, moved to France and taught the Christians how to bake this cookie.  But it is more probable

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Traditional Dutch pepernoot cookie

Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) has arrived from Spain with his steamer full of presents and sweets. All the traditional Sinterklaas treats have been on sale in bakeries and supermarkets for weeks. One of the old fashioned cookies …

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Kue nastar cookie from Indonesia

My father was born in Indonesia when it was still a Dutch colony. He loves anything sweet so I asked him if he remembered a cookie from his childhood for my blog. He told me that his mother never baked …

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Khab el Ghazal cookie from Morocco

cornes de gazelle resultaat 50 dipi

To be honest: khab el Ghazal or corne de gazelle is not my absolute favourite Moroccan cookie. I would never say no to one of these elegant almond filled crescents, but my number 1 is the sticky chebakia cookie with …

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Fiery speculaas cookie


Fiery speculaas

Warn your guests before they take a bite! The addition of the red pepper really gives my own interpretation of the classic speculaas a definite kick…..…

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