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Cinnamon clove cookie

Because I was not in the mood for deep frying  – it does make your whole house smelly –  ,  my variation on the traditional golabjamoun cookie from Zambia  is a version that can be baked in the oven. I …

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Golabjamoun cookie from Zambia

This cookie from Zambia is perhaps more like a donut or a fritter. Since few people had ovens, most meals were cooked and baked over an open fire. Maize is the staple food for most people in Zambia and it …

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Macadamia cinnamon cookie

Macadamia nuts are a fairly new crop in Malawi and they do well in the African sun. I love the buttery white balls and used them in my variation of the classic mtedza cookie from Malawi. Since macadamias have …

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Powder bun cookie from Belize

For breakfast, lunch or a sweet snack in between, the powder bun cookie from Belize is eaten throughout the day. The population of Belize is a mix of many different ethnic groups. This cookie is from the kitchen of the …

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Cinnamon sesame cookie

For my variation on the classic icun cookie from Somalia I used cinnamon instead of cardamom. I felt a bit sorry about leaving out the cardamom from the original recipe because I really like the spicy citrus-like flavor. My love …

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