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sesame cardamom cookie

Posted by on 10 July, 2018
mali meni meniyon Sesam-kardemom koekje

sesame cardamom cookie

For my variation on the classic meniyong biscuit from Mali I used a mixture of white and black sesame seeds for a nice contrasting color. I mixed some ground cardamom and cinnamon with the sesame and stirred through a generous amount of salt flakes for a nice kick. The result was very tasty. The spices give off a subtle aroma and the salt gives some balance to the sweetness of the biscuit. You can choose any shape you want for this cookie. But do grease the molds well, otherwise it is difficult to get the cookies out again. I used a silicone form for the pretty flowers in the picture and that worked very well. Even without greasing, you can flip the cookies out of the mould again easily. This sesame cardamom cookie is a very tasty cookie that gives a nice snap when you break it in two.




sesame cardamom cookie

for ± 30 cookies

110 g (± ⅔ cup) white sesame seeds
40 g (± ⅓ cup) black sesame seeds
2 tsp cardamom powder
2 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp salt flakes
250 g of honey
60 g butter + extra to grease

sesame cardamom cookie

Roast the sesame seeds in a dry pan until golden.
Mix in the cardamom, cinnamon and salt flakes.
Grease about 30 small molds with butter.
Put the honey and butter in a pan and bring to a boil. Boil on low heat for 10-15 minutes or until the honey mixture has a nice dark caramel color.
Drop a little bit of the mixture on a saucer and leave to cool. It must be just hard. Too soft and your cookie will be toffee-like. Too hard and you will break your teeth.
Stir in the sesame seed mixture and pour into the molds. Allow to cool and take out of the molds.

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