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Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

Posted by on 31 March, 2018
Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

These cookies are perfect to make last minute for Easter. I cut them into rectangles but you can easily choose any shape you would like. You can even use little moulds in the shape of an egg or a bunny! The traditional menu-meniyong cookie is from Mali.  The market in Mali is still the place to meet, do business, have a snack at a street stall and, of course, to do your daily shopping. These crunchy sweet sesame cookies can be found in every Mali market. The traditional meniyong biscuit is usually this rectangular shape and is a popular treat after the shopping is done. Mali produces a lot of sesame seeds and it is one of the larger export products. Nowadays the honey in the recipe is often replaced by sugar, which makes the cookie cheaper. But you can really taste the difference. Honey is simply much tastier. The temperature of the caramel is important when you make meniyong. It must turn hard when it cools down. When you boil the honey mixture too long the biscuit becomes rock hard, but if you are impatient and you don’t boil it long enough you will end up with a toffee instead of a cookie. If you find your mini-meniyong cookie is not firm enough after cooling, you can simply let it melt again in the pan and leave it to boil for a little longer. But you can also just accept your fate. A good toffee tastes just as nice with a cup of tea!

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Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

for ± 20 cookies

Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

simpel ingredients

120 g (1 cup) sesame seeds
250 g (1 cup) honey
60 g (4 tbs) butter + extra for greasing
pinch of salt







Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

toast the sesame seed

Toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan.







Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

melt butter and honey


Grease with butter a shallow baking tin of ± 28 x 18 cm / 11 x 7 inch.
Put the honey and butter in a pan and bring to a boil.






Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

boil until caramelised


Boil gently for 10-15 minutes or until the mass has a nice dark caramel color. Drop about ¼ teaspoon on a cold saucer and leave to cool. The mass must be just hard. Too soft and your cookie will be toffee-like. Too hard and you will break your teeth.





Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

add sesame seed



When the caramel has the right consistency, mix in the sesame seeds and the salt.





Meni-meniyong cookie from Mali

in the mood



Pour everything into the baking tin.
Leave to cool slightly and score in rectangles with a knife. That makes easier to break or cut the cookies later.
Take out of the tin and break or cut into pieces.

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