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Lemon Puff cookie from Sri Lanka

Posted by on 14 July, 2015

Lemon Puff cookie from Sti Lanka


Munchee’s Lemon Puffs or Maliban’s?

Every Sri Lankan has a definitive preference for one of the big cookie brands when choosing this traditional sandwich cookie filled with lemon cream. Even the tiniest stall or shop has a few packets of this popular cookie for sale and every Sri Lankan child has grown up nibbling on a Lemon Puff with a cup of strong milky tea.

No recipe this week as I am on holiday in Sri Lanka and far too busy admiring the country’s sights. But on our balcony in the hill town Ella I taste-tested both brands of cookies with my husband and son (who by now have become expert cookie testers!).

Even though both packets state that natural lemon aroma is used, we could only detect a slightly chemical sweet lemon taste. Munchee’s cream filling was slightly fresher tasting than the competitor’s. The Maliban Lemon Puff is crunchier and has a nice snap when you bite into it while the Munchee cookie is richer and crumblier. After quite a few test cookies we all chose Munchees as our favourite because of the fresher taste and the richer biscuit. But while we were watching everything that happened on the street below us both packets were finished without complaints.

Interested in an elaborate comparison of both cookie brands by a true Sri Lankan? Take a look at this blog:







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