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Some ingredients I came across are a bit unusual. Find some more information here.

Dulce de leche
A creamy caramel made by cooking down sweetened milk. Find the recipe here.

Durum wheat
Wheat with a high gluten content. Gluten is useful in baking bread. When you are kneading the dough, the gluten forms long strings that can capture the air in the dough.

A combination of (black) sesame seed and sea salt flakes. Make a small batch of 20 grams of sesame seeds and 10 grams of sea salt flakes. Gomasio is frequently ground in a mortar and used to sprinkle over rice and other dishes.

Orange blossom water
Fragrant water that is made by distilling water and petals of the bitter orange or Seville orange. It has a wonderful sweet aroma and is used frequently in middle eastern cooking.

Rose water
Fragrant water that is made by distilling water and rose petals. It has a strong rose smell and is used a lot in middle eastern cooking

Coursely ground durum wheat. You can buy finer and courser ground semolina


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