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Mahamri from Mozambique

Mahamri from Mozambique are a more luxurious version of the mandazi from Kenya and are eaten all over East Africa. They are made with coconut milk so are found mostly along the coast.  Mahamri are also usually made with yeast
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Chocolate macaron

For the podcast of the Dutch magazine delicious. about macarons I immersed myself in the world of this elegant French cookie.

I had never actually baked a classic macaron, only the vegan version with aquafaba. And it took quite a …

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Queki cookie from Panama

Queque, queki or keke, even in Panama they can’t decide how to write the name of this traditional cookie. Every family has their own recipe for queki cookies. In some recipes you will only find coconut and sugar cane syrup …

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mandazi with coffee and cinnamon

mandazi met koffie en kaneel

mandazi with coffee and cinnamon

Tasty autumnal spices give this mandazi with coffee and cinnamon its warming taste. This deep-fried cookie is a variation on the traditional mandazi from Kenya. In the traditional version, only cardamom is used. That

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Mandazi from Kenya

From a technical point of view, mandazi may not be proper cookies. But these fried triangles are the most popular snack in Kenya and many countries in East Africa. They are usually not very sweet and they are eaten as …

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